Yes, you should try rock tumbling!

GM Rock Shop  in it's simplest terms, is a shop created to serve people who love rocks, so today I'm here to tell you why you should try tumbling!

If you've ever looked at a hobby and been afraid to start because you wouldn't be good at it?  You should try rock tumbling!  You never fail.  Ever! Pretty tempting eh?  You just try some things, refine your process, improve and keep improving!  Boom. You just had a learning experience. I'm STILL learning!

If you don't have a lot of money to invest in a new hobby?  Try rock tumbling! The rocky hobby is only as expensive as you want it to be.  Start with a pail, a basic tumbler, and polish stones from your backyard.   See? Now you're a beginner rock hound!  You can turn them into jewelry, art, or just something cool to show off.  It's up to you! 

Later, you can move on to the bigger tools, more expensive specimens, or just keep on keeping on the way you've been doing it.  There's no hard & fast rules in the hobby except you're always going to want a bigger tumbler :-)  (or maybe that's just me...).

So you don't know an amethyst from an agate? Big deal!  There are tons of resources out there.  The rock hounding community is incredibly welcoming.  From the totally novice to the incredibly experienced,  they're a group of awesome people, and there is no shortage of knowledge to share.  It's a very hands on hobby.  You can learn a lot simply by holding a rock or examining the coloring.

There are countless books, websites, rock clubs, forums, you name it!  One of my favourite forums is "WhatsThisRock?".  You can post a picture of your latest find, some information about where it's from, and you'll usually have your answer In an hour or less.  Amazing huh?  People who love rocks love to help other people who also love rocks!  

After all of that, I hope I've convinced you to give it a shot.  I would sincerely love to help you out whether it's a bag of grit, a box of rocks, or just to answer some questions you have.  Please get in touch!

Rock on!


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