At GM Rock we carry a wide variety of rock tumbling & lapidary supplies.  We're always looking to expand our product line if there is demand for it so if there is something you feel we should carry, please let us know!   

You can also drop by our  Facebook page for the latest contests, sneak peeks at new inventory, and other happenings at the shop.  

Heads Up!  We've received a lot of emails lately stating that the cart is not working.  Rest assured, it is working, but it doesn't provide an error message when you exceed our available inventory (we will be adding this feature in the new year).  

If you are trying to order multiples of a single item but it will not add them to your cart, try reducing your quantity.  If you are trying to buy 2 of an item and we only have 1, it will NOT put anything in your cart.  However,  if you try to purchase 1, it will go into your cart just fine.