Lortone QT66 Tumbler - Dual 6 pound barrels

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For the more serious rockhound, we're happy to introduce the QT66 tumbler.  These machines provide great flexibility, and are extremely well built & quiet.  We exclusively run this size in the shop.  The QT66 has dual 6 pound barrels so you can get a lot of rocks going at the same time.  You can also purchase a single 12 pound barrel for this machine (currently on backorder) for polishing larger rocks.  

Did you know?  The only difference between the QT66 and the QT12 is that the QT66 has dual 6 pound barrels while the T12 has a single 12 pound barrel.  We've found buying the QT66 and then a single 12 pound barrel  is the most cost effective way to go. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a large tumbler and must ship by itself.  Please choose "etransfer" as your payment option (do not pay), and we will send you an invoice for the tumbler & shipping together (you can pay the invoice by a method of your choosing).